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The company has completed a number of well-known domestic and foreign pharmaceutical, chemical and other medium-sized companies R & D outsourcing, the synthesis processes development and optimization services, customized services in chemical intermediates, specialty chemicals processing and production services. Since ever it attached great importance to research and development , through years of development, the corporate’s R & D center has been considerable size, The company was titled as a "High-tech Enterprise in Jiangsu Province" . With excellent R & D capabilities and production conditions, we are available for contract research -CRO-CONTRACT RESEARCH ORGANIZATION; or CMO MANUFACTURE ORGANIZATION.


Company R & D, production and sale of alcohol, alkali metal salts, amino acid protective agent, protected amino acids and other anti-cancer, antiviral drugs intermediates. Our protection of amino acids contains the world's forefront biopharmacy polypeptide compounds key intermediates.
Our Alkali metal alkoxides, amino acid protective agent, protected amino acids production capacity ranks 1st in the world, the global market share of over 50% , Chinese market share of over 70%.

Alkali Metal Alkoxide

Amino Acid Protecting Reagent

Derivates of Amino Acid

Pharmaceutical Intermediates

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